WordPress Support and Maintenance Services
We provide 24×7 WordPress Support and Maintenance Services. Outsource maintenance and support to us and never ever worry about your WordPress site again.
  • WordPress Experts take care of support and maintenance
  • One shop for all WordPress related things
  • Support Hotlines (Chat/Call support)
  • Ticket based system with minimum turnaround time
  • Special discounts for yearly renewals
  • Cancel anytime
  • NDA Contracts
  • Monthly Maintenance and Support Plans
  • Task based Plans
  • 24×7 Coverage
  • SLA based services
  • Regular Backup
  • Version upgrade
  • Plugin upgrade


We provide some or all of the following services as per the support and maintenance plans:

WordPress Errors
WordPress is famous to get into 404 error, 303 error, database connection or numerous other types of errors. We fix WordPress errors for you and get you back online within the shortest possible time.
WordPress Speed & Performance
A slow website is bad for business. There could be multiple reasons for it. We will optimize your website for speed and performance. We will keep it fast by doing regular testing and optimization. We will tune up your site to speed up page loading times.
Plugin and Theme Support
We support WordPress plugins and themes. We not only help you in installing new themes and plugins but also update them time to time. Regular theme and plugin updates are necessary to avert security breaches.
Security Services
We protect your website from hackers, fix the bugs and monitor the overall health. Our WordPress security experts continuously maintain and improve the security of your WordPress site.

Following is a partial list of some of the security tasks we do:

  1. Automated 24×7 monitoring.
  2. Firewall protection.
  3. Securing login page, anti-spam plugins, installing captcha etc.
  4. Malware & Virus Removal – Our security experts will detect and remove every malaware, rogue script and virus from your website.
  5. If you have lost your site due to malicious attacks, we will restore it from the most recent clean backup.
  6. Installing SSL – We will Install your SSL certificate and configure all your pages to default to «https»
  7. Removal of post comment spams.

Site Backup
In the event your website ever crashes, having an updated backup will make life a lot easier and help you get your site up and running quickly. We run regular cloud backups of all your WordPress content and database and can restore it in few minutes.
We do nightly backups so the performance of your website during the day time is not impacted.
Uptime Monitoring
A website’s reputation can be damaged if it is down most of the time. We monitor your website and receive an alert if there is a downtime. We inform you and work quickly to get your site back up and running.
WordPress regularly releases updates for its core features, plugins, and themes. We upgrade all these components on your website. This is important to keep your site secured and to make sure that you have all the latest features. We make sure that all these updates are compatible with your existing plugins. We also monitor the functionality of your website after the upgrade to make sure that it is not broken and working as per the expectations.
Database Optimization
Despite of having best infrastructure a slow running Database can slow down the entire WordPress website. We optimize and fine-tune the database so that it provides the maximum performance.
New Feature Integration
If you need a new feature then give us the details and our developers will implement it for you under our WordPress Development Services department.
Setting up Google and other Analytics on WordPress site.
Theme Installation & configuration
We can take care of simple theme installation and configuration under support requests; however we will redirect you to Development team for complex development requirements.
Plugins Installation & Configuration
We can install and configure plugins as per your requirements.
Small Fixes
We can do small fixes like changing colors, fonts, styles, front-end elements, mobile responsiveness etc.
We optimize images, implement caching, delete orphan database tables, defer usage of render-blocking JavaScript and fix or remove slow queries.
Hosting Migration
We can help you in moving your site to a new hosting provider. We take care of all data, website files, images and other component migration. We make sure that all theme updates and plugins are running properly on new server. We will test the website on new server as well.
Compatibility Support
Sometime your existing code can break because of a new update on a plugin and theme. We fix these types of compatibility issues.
Integration to Content Delivery Network (CDN)
We help you to integrate CDN to your WordPress site. This provides huge improvements in site performance.
Weekly/Monthly reports
We provide regular reports regarding updates, changes, performance and analytics.

Other common issues and support areas

Here are a few of the tasks that we can help you with:

  1. Backup your site
  2. Check Google indexing
  3. Check page size and load time
  4. Clean up malware
  5. Clean up spam
  6. Create backups
  7. Fix your white screen of death
  8. Fix issues after a WordPress core update
  9. Help with templates
  10. Improve your site security
  11. Improve your site speed
  12. Install a comment system
  13. Install a plugin
  14. Install a favicon
  15. Make changes to the header, sidebar, and other sections of the site
  16. Optimize images
  17. Prevent spam
  18. Recommend a plugin
  19. Recover a hacked site
  20. Setup redirects
  21. Solve alignment issues
  22. Tweak your CSS
  23. Update a plugin
  24. Update your theme
  25. Upgrade WordPress core
  26. Integrate CDN
  27. Configure DNS
  28. Configure SSL
  29. Site migration between hosts
  30. Set up email accounts
  31. Stop Site Hacking
  32. Speed up your site
  33. Daily Off-Site Backups
  34. Real-Time Uptime Monitoring
  35. Database Optimization
  36. Site Migration to Cloud
  37. Site Migration to Shared or Dedicated Servers
  38. Site Migration to internal servers
  39. Security Scans For Malware
  40. WordPress Core, Plugin & Theme Updates
  41. Monthly Reporting
  42. WooCommerce Support
  43. Site Reviews
  44. Staging Server
  45. Update content on pages, posts
  46. Boost page speed
  47. Secure your website
  48. Install recommended plugins
  49. Configure a plugin
  50. Recover your hacked website
  51. Optimize images
  52. Prevent Spams
  53. Issues with css and alignment
  54. Change in header, footer and sidebar
  55. Configure premium theme as per demo
  56. Spam comments clean up
  57. Check website speed and size
  58. Add, edit Woo-commerce products
  59. Offsite Backup of your Website
  60. Update WordPress version
  61. Monthly scan your website
  62. Fix issues after migration
  63. Fix issues after core updates
  64. Install a caching plugin
  65. Create a child theme
  66. Install Commenting plugin
  67. Add / replace Logo
  68. Add / replace favicon
  69. Malware clean up
  70. Migrate from host to host
  71. Create social profiles
  72. Link social profiles
  73. Regular backup of your database as well as of the content posted on your website.
  74. 24×7 protection of your site from viruses, malware and hackers.
  75. Daily updated of your WordPress core files and plugins.
  76. Content management to update forms, posts, pages, menus, images etc.
  77. WordPress website updates and changes to images, content and content placement.
  78. Structural changes like main menus, navigation and forms.
  79. WordPress core updates and plugin updates.
  80. Page formatting issues and/ or template issues.
  81. Emergency Care support if you break something.
  82. Setting up new features on your site.
  83. Plugin Research to help you achieve your desired result.
  84. Screen Size and Responsive issues.
  85. WordPress Fixes like broken pages, redirections, new pages, typos and everything in between.
  86. WordPress compatibility issues and solutions.
  87. Improperly embedded code
  88. Browser compatibility issues
  89. Integration of Lead Generation Software
  90. Pagespeed Optimization
  91. Pagespeed Monitoring
  92. Google Search Console Setup
  93. Google Analytics Integration
  94. Keyword Ranking Reports
  95. Web Analytics App
  96. Social Media Analytics App
  97. Install and configure a caching plugin.
  98. Optimize/compress your websites images.
  99. Remove unnecessary plugins and themes.
  100. Monitor website speed and make recommendations for improvement.
  101. Fix performance red flag issues that come up on an ongoing basis.

Why us?

  1. With more than 7 years of experience in WordPress development, we have the experience to understand your requirements and day to day issues.
  2. We offer WordPress support solutions that suit every budget.
  3. We have a proper support process with helpdesk ticket system which makes sure that no request is lost. A support person is assigned as soon as you raise a request.
  4. We believe on proactive approach rather than reactive approach. We make sure that your website is error free and up all the time.
  5. We have a consultative approach where we talk to you and understand your requirements and help you in refining that for the best possible outcome. This ends up in a win-win outcome for both of us.
  6. We believe in Top notch communication with our clients, at every stage of the support process.
  7. We do Security and Performance Audit for WordPress website.
  8. We are ready to sign NDA agreement if you have any concern about your idea, design or content. We can provide you a standard NDA template.
  9. We Optimize the site for load speed.
  10. We use Bootstrap Framework for custom coding.
  11. We can host WordPress system on Linux, Windows servers or AWS/Azure/Google Clouds as well.
  12. We can help you in hosting website on dedicate servers, shared hosting or cloud as well.
  13. We provide a full suite of services ranging from WordPress website development to Mobile App Development to SEO optimization and Digital Marketing services for your WordPress websites; so you don’t have to run around multiple companies for all your needs. You can trust us as your WordPress partner for a long-term relationship.
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